Tuesday 20 September 2011

Mum and Dad are going to Paris!!

(The Eiffel Tower at Night, Paris France)

Dad won a competition with radio station Capital FM for two nights in Paris, France in a 4 * hotel with £500 spending money and £300 shopping in a French Department store with a personal shopper!!!
Mum and Dad are really happy and extremely excited, Dad said it will be their official honeymoon and he couldn’t think of spending it anywhere else as it is the most romantic city on earth! Swoon! I’m not a happy Puggy though because I’m going to be staying at home, it’s the first time I will be away from Mum and Dad EVER!!! Luckily both Sam (Mum of Ernie) and Nannie Carina have kindly volunteered to look after me while they are away but I’m still feeling sad about it all, I'm going to miss them like crazy and I think they are sad and going to miss me too because I got to sleep in their bed all night last night with them and got lots of Phugs and kisses!

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  1. Oh, that is good news and bad news all at once! My mom and dad always said that if I'm alive when teleportation is invented then Paris is our first stop because France is so dog friendly. Make sure you tell us all about your parents vacation and about your adventure with Sam and Nannie Carina!