Thursday 8 September 2011

Llanfabon Walk.

Llanfabon Walk - I have been on this walk before but Dad hadn't been so Mum decided to go up there and for him to meet her great gran and gramp.

There are lots of farms up Llanfabon.

I like to walk up here, but today it was too hot!

The cemetery.

I like it in here its a beautiful place to be in peace.

Gran and Gramp.

Llanfabon Church.

The Llanfabon Inn.


Last year in 2010!

I wanna go in for a drink Mum!

Having water to drink because I'm so thirsty!

Some of dads coke.

Hugs with Mum (Awwww)

More Frams filled with sheep.

Black berrys in seaon.

Apple tress in bloom.

Dad picking chestnuts!!

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