Monday 5 September 2011

Caerphilly Mountain Walk

Last week Mum and Dad had a whole week off work to be with me, so we had a nice long walk every day!

The view from the mountain is really beautiful, you can see for miles and miles.

The mountain trail goes all around Caerphilly Mountain.

Whats this???

Dead frog - I had to roll in it!

I'm loving the wild flowers, they smell soooooo good!

This photo of me is me falling down a hole!

I managed to compose myself!

I'm enjoying the walk.

Running up to the monument on the top of the mountain.

The monument.

What is this - reminds me of the movie Blade!

The Poem.

The view - if you look close you can see me running!

Meeting a new friend!

Playing with my new friend Ollie!

Panting now! Worn out!

Walking back to the car.....

I had a lovely time!

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