Wednesday 8 February 2012

Wordless Wednesday in a Flash Back Friday Way - Puppy Edition!

The first photo Mum ever saw of me as a teeny tiny Puppy!

Cuddles with Mum at 10 weeks old! I still love to cuddle her all the time!


One of my first walks!

My First Bath!!


Cuddles with Dad!


  1. So cute Frank!! That look over the tub edge really said "GET ME OUTA HERE!!!!" didn't it!! BOL! I still look like that every Sunday!

    PeeS: Just saw you snow post - be careful - you only gots short furs you know, it's gotta be extra cold for you!! Looks beautifuls though!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  2. Hi Frank! Boy were you tiny! I can see why your mum had to have you after seeing that pic! And the first bath photo just put a huge smile on my face. I think that is my new favorite of you! Such sad puggy dog eyes. I also like the one of you in dad's arms. So sweet!

  3. Hi Frank! We also put a card in the mail for you the other day. Hu-mom wouldn't let me mail you a package. She said it would cost more to mail something than the something would cost...or something like that! Why do you live so far away from me?

    I LOVE your baby pictures. You looked so much like me when I was a meer pup. I'll have to have hu-mom post my baby pictures so we can compare. You were simply the cutest baby puggie I've ever seen. No wonder you mum and dad picked you!

    Kisses and snuggles,
    Minnie and sometimes, Mack

  4. Look at your cute little puppy head! So sweet. Moms love to post baby pic of us, don't they? You were so teeny tiny!!! Looks like you haven't outgrown being sweet to your mum.


  5. The first bath picture is totally adorable (my asst. said that, not me!)

  6. Hi Tank
    I love seeing how much you are loved! Your mom and dad are just in love with you- from day one.
    You were tooo cute!
    The bathy photo and all that cuteness of you- is just everywheres!
    I love you too!