Monday 6 February 2012

Otter Spotter Update!

Mum took me on a long walk to the lake to see if we could see any Otter activity!

I looked in the fish ponds but no signs of any Otters.

I looked deep in to the water ...

I looked in to the water of the Mine Walk Way Lake, looking through the tall reeds to see if I could see anything in there ...


I looked in the long grass, looked in a big tunnel and looked in the trees!

I looked deep in to the Pit Pony Pond and the suddenly I saw bubbles coming to the surface ...


Is this my own Puggy Paw Print or is it the Paw Print of an Otter???


It was the print of an Otter, it was swimming in the lake and came towards me, maybe it thought I looked like him with my Puggy face and whiskers but then he swam away, I was so lucky to see him!!!!!


  1. Oh my you sure are lucky. Otters are so adorable. That little guy is nearly as cute as you and he seems very friendly

  2. I was so excited to see that you were taking us on a nature walk today, Frank! And I'm even more thrilled that you saw an otter! Good detective work, sniffing out all the clues to track him down! So cute, but not as cute as you! Mom says she probably would have bumbled the camera and missed the shot, but your mum got such a great picture of it!

  3. How cool is that! Frank plays wild west mountain man tracker extraordinaire and Humom works the camera to perfection!!


  4. That Otter is cute Frank but he would have scared me to death swimming toward me. I'm not the bravest of girls, you know.

  5. Hi Frank,
    Wow! An otter spotting! How exciting.


  6. Wow! We've never seen any of those! Did you bark at him? The ponds/lakes you went to looked really pawsome :) Awesome pics. Mommy said she is going to email your Mommy with our new address.
    Maddy and Owen

  7. Oh Tank-
    bloggy just kicked me out while I was writing to you!
    I felt like I was right with you as you showed us the tracks of the otter, and the otter himself! What beautiful trails and trees and grass! I loved those bubbles that you saw. I wish that I could have been there with you. This was a cool adventure in your beautiful world!