Tuesday 7 February 2012

Snow Fall in February!

On Saturday 4th February I woke up to snow falling, I sat on the patio doorstep wondering if I should brave the elements and go for a walk with Mum and Dad - I decided to put my "Tank" Army coat on all snug and warm and then go out! It was really fun!


Having a little taste of the snowflakes!


Snow on my nose!


The Park in the Snow!

Dad and I play football fetch on the frozen Football Pitch!

The new boardwalk in the Snow!

The ponds were frozen solid!


More snow sniffing and tasting! Mmmmm Yummy!

I had such a nice time in the Snow but by the next morning the Snow had melted away to slush ...


  1. I like your coat! It looks like it was a beautiful walk in the park.

  2. Hi Frank! Everything looks so pretty covered in snow, but you are brave to go out in it! You were super cute running by your dad's ankles. I do the same thing when mine comes home from work and heads to the bedroom to change clothes. It's hard to keep up sometimes! I bet football is fun, I've only played the American version before, catching a lamby ball. Well, stay toasty warm!

  3. Hi Tank
    Your snow world is so beautiful! I love all the scenery that you show us. The board walk looks like lots of fun!
    And I love your name and footprints in the snow!
    Your soo cute in your jacket and I know it keeps you soo warm.

  4. Hey Frank! Snow looks cool!! I havent seen any yet, so im super jealous! your coat is so cool! it suits you! I love your paw prints in the snow too! Big Hugs Love Reggie xxxx

  5. BURRRRRR! Boy oh boy we are not much on snow. But you look so handsome in your coat it might be worth it though. Have fun and keep those feet nice and toasty.