Friday 17 February 2012

Furiends Friday ~ Meet Bunk!

 Meet Bunk one of my newest followers to my Blog! 

This is Bunk he is a black pug.

On April 11th 2011, the greatest thing EVER happened to the State of Missouri … Bunk was born! Bunk came to Tennessee with his Pawrents!

Bunk says “I love to play with humans. I don’t like other dogs, because they scare me and try to hump me. I did one time like a little bulldog I saw. He was cool…but then again he was smaller than me so he posed no real threat. I love going out to pee, poop and play. I love attention and I hate NOT getting attention all the time. I think this comes with being a pug. Speaking of being a pug, I can’t wait till I am a mature pug. My tail is already curling which is great. My little face has only 1-2 wrinkles but I heard you get more wrinkly as you grow older. I have already been trying to get it more wrinkly by bumping my face into walls, the couch, and the human’s legs. I must say, I have been making a lot of progress! In my free time, I love to blog about my life. I think it is great to do that because really, doesn’t everyone want to know about me? Besides, blogging is an excellent way for me to articulate and express my deepest and most complex dreams and desires…like eating the human’s shoes and figuring out a way to get into the human’s bed. Seriously though, if you are human reading my blog, please make a comment and like my page. If you are another dog, please send me advice on how to trick the humans into getting more treats.”

Make sure that you check out his Blog!
Its wonderful, with cute photos, great facts and lots of fun!


  1. Hi Frank! You are right, Bunk is cute and quite the character! His pictures make me smile.

  2. We love Bunk! His blog reminds me of my dogs puppyhood

  3. Bunk is super cute and shiny little puggy. We are going to go visit now, thanks for sharing.

    The Girls

  4. Bunk is too cute! What energy he must have-!