Friday 3 February 2012

Furiends Friday ~ Meet The Urban Hounds!!

Tubby, Dr. Zira, Ping and Bob put on their PJs ready for bed!

My new friends to my blog are the Urban Hounds – It’s such a cool blog, very intellectually stimulating with loads of really cool fun facts including where sayings come from such as "hair of the dog" , the origin of the Pug in China and how dogs are revered and worshipped all over the world and that’s just this month!! They also do book reviews and mouth watering recipes and oh so cute photos of our doggy friends!

Dr. Zira, Tubby, Ping, Norbert and Bob!


  1. OMD! We are so so so flattered to be mentioned on your blog. Frank is definitely the cutest pup we have seen in a long time and your blog is amazing.

  2. They sound like good buddies. I'll check them out! Thanks Frank!


  3. That last group picture is way too cute! Have a great weekend Frank!

  4. I like reading their blog too. Love the top picture!