Thursday 16 February 2012

Thankful Thursday ~ Valentine Cards!

Look at me with all my wonderful Valentines Day cards!

There are soooooo many!

Mum, I want to show everyone my card from my Girlfriend!!

This is the card I had off my Girlfriend Minnie!

Awwwww Cute!

Mum (in her PJ's) doesnt like that I have another woman!
She wants ALL my love to herself!

Mum says that I will always be her boy! Hugs for Pugs!

 Mmmwah! Kisses!

This is My Girlfriend Minnie with the card that she had from me! Isnt she just the most beautiful Puggie in the world! Swoooon!


  1. Oh Frank! We love the pictures of you smooching with your mum. She is your 1st love and will be your most special one forever! I'm not jealous at all. Hope your special day was filled with love, treats and lots of fun!

    Love and kisses,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. Your girl friend is hawt Frank.

  3. Aww, Frank, you are so loved! At home and throughout the world! And so deserving too!

  4. That is a big hall! What great friends and valentines.

  5. Oh Frank your Minnie girl friend is mighty cute! You two are a perfect pair!
    You have some very nice valentines that I see.. and I hope you give your mommy back some kissys so she does not get jealous or worried...
    I can see how much she loves you!

  6. wow!! look at all those cards Frank!! you are super popular! I havent been on my blog for a while, so only just got your message.
    will send you my address though for future events :-) can you send me yours too?
    hope u had a lovely valentines Frank!! big hug love Reggie xxxxx