Tuesday 7 August 2012

Fish Feeding Fun with Frank!

 My Cousin is away on holidays so I have been asked to feed their fish!

This is the Fish food, it smells nice but Mum says I'm not allowed any!

 Fist I check the garden for any predators and then give the nod to Mum that's its ok to start the feeding frenzy!

 Come out little Fishys there are foods here for you!

Here they come, swimming out to meet me and to eat their food!

 The Fish!

 Hello there little Fishys!

I've never seen Fish this close before!

They are swimming over to me! 

Hmmmm ... Ok enough with the Fish Food, what about Frank food??
Lets go home Mum I'm hungry!


  1. Frank you are so cool! :-) thats super nice of you to look after the fish!! Lots of love Reggie xxx

  2. Those fishes are so cool. Hey but we would demand ours first. Have a great Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. You're doing a grreat job, Frank! Fish feeding is an important chore.

  4. Good job Frank. I hope you got extra bones for your troubles.

  5. Where was your fishing pole Frank? lol....Mom said you are so cute the way you were searching for invaders.....we need one of these ponds in our yard cos it would distract "mean ole cat Dietzman" all day long and he would leave me alone!
    Have a great one
    stella rose

  6. Frank that is quite impressive. I'd think I'd need to jump in there and try to eat some fishes or very least some fish food. Mommy and Daddy have 4 turtles and we like to watch them eat too. Though they are inside in a tank and up high so we can't get to them, we can only watch from a far.

    Maddy & Owen.

  7. good job feeding your fishies
    Benny & Lily

  8. So were you tempted to jump in with the fishes or stick you paw in for one?? You were a mighty good boy to behave yourself with all of the swimming going on.


  9. Tank- your right-- your boardwalk does look like a jungle.
    I am glad there were no predators when you were watching the fishies eat.
    It was very nice of you to say hi to the fishies!