Thursday 9 August 2012

EXTREME Weather Sports!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to
The EXTREME Weather Sports Event!

I'm your Host Frank (The Tank) here in the EXTREME snow to take you on a globe trotting adventurte of our athletes EXTREME-ness in a veriety of weather conditions!

To start us off here is my Furiend Rubie  in EXTREME Windy Tennis Ball!

This EXTREME Snow photo is of Nina with her angel sister Yenna (the German Shepherd Dog).  Here Yenna is trying to figure out why Nina is burying her head in that cold snow which is of corse and EXTREME thing to do!!

These Wonderful Wintry photos are of an EXTREME Snow covered Ryker who as you can tell is loving the snow and long winters in Alaska!

Snow Ball Fun!

Look its a Snow Moose! BOW~WOW!

EXTREME Bouncing in the Snow with Bertie!

The Three Kitty's ~ Here performing some EXTREME Snow sitting is Dante!

Domino doing some EXTREME Snow Dancing!

and here Dylan performs some amazingly EXTREME Snow Leaping! Wahoo!

Casey here in the freezing cold snow and almost the whole Furry Family got involved in my Event for some EXTREME Snow!

Casey's Boxer sister Cinderella looking good in a warm coat braving the EXTREME Weather.

Casey's Kitty Bother Scribbles and her EXTREME snowy Paws and Poor Kitty Sister Pigeon doesn't like the snow so didn't enter (but I thought I would give her a shout out anyways!)

This is Goose enjoying the EXTREME weather in some seriously deep snow!

This one is my personal favourite as it is just so very EXTREME its 'Extreme Ice Peeing' by Tucker  so very talented to pee in the snow and not get frozen mid-stream! BOL!

Roo here taking a stroll in the water in the EXTREME pouring down rain! GO Roo Go!

This Photo is of an EXTREME Snow covered Corbin looking super cute here as he braves the elements on a snow covered New York day!

This is Sarg playing EXTREME Snow-ball in the thick snow and below the Crabby is even getting involved in the EXTREME Snow Balling too! Check it out!!

This is a fantastic Photo of  Zoey a little Himalayan Kitty on one EXTREME ride on a Snow mobile! Wahooo!

This Extreme Snow photo is of my Beautiful Furiend Shawnee on a Hike, She is standing up here and the snow is VERY deep and VERY ETREME!!

Jazzi here is a super EXTREME snowboarder!

Madi being an indoor kitty doesn't have any extreme weather sports photos but to join in the fun Madi submitted this wonderful photo of a Gray fox in her yard in the EXTREME hot
 weather! (Madi is the Cute Kitty below)


Asta is looking like one cool cold doggie with her snow- ball and cute with the clumps on snow in her furs!

Finn is enjoying the snow playing with one cold snow-ball!

Miss Molly the Wally  here surfing on her banana boat due to the EXTREME rain in our British Summer!

This is Posey in the EXTREME Scottish Snow doing some Snow Jumping!

This is Mitch and he loves the snow, check out his EXTREME snooter action as he sniffs the frosty flakes! 

These EXTREME pair are Lassiter Chase and Benjamin playing some Tropical weather Hula Hoop in the EXTREME Heat!

This is Nora loving the EXTREME weather, the snow is any Huskies Friend!

This EXTREME photo is the very cool and adventurous Noorwood  I'm just loving this Pic!

This is Lily Belle climbing the frosty frozen peaks of Mt. Everest and if that is not EXTREME I don't know what is! Tell me if you found the snow monster while you were up there little lady!

EXTREME Snow Covered Schnauzer Magic displaying excellent Extremeness with all the snow all over his cute face!! Crazy Snowy Extremeness here!!!

EXTREME  Snow Ploughing Winston showing how to strut your stuff in the elements!

Double EXTREME here as its 'Stormy' in the snow! Ha,Ha!

EXTREME Beautiful Blue Eyes and warm coat!

Fun with Furiends in the snow!

Snowy scenery of Stormy so beautiful!

EXTREME Cinnamon here running in the snow! Check out the frozen paw prints!

EXTREME Winter Weather here as Bella's ears are flapping in the snow and wind!

EXTREME Ernie in the snow at Winter time in Wales!

Congratulations to every single one of you on a wonderful EXTREME Weather Sports Event!

Thank you all for taking part, here is your gold medal....

You are all winners to me!!!


  1. Hey Frank that was soooooo cool........ and even cooler with all those snow shots!!! Made me feel even chillier than I am at the moment. Mum has just turned on the heating for another night. Today I played in the Peep Kennel on Wheels while dad dad installed a plug for the tee-vee and mum put MORE stuff in the cupboards..... so far I have NOT seen any treats go in there so I'm a little concerned. No treats - no travel I say BOL!

    We'll be puttin up a post shortly.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  2. Wooohooo Pawsome! Outstanding event! Thank you for hosting this wonderful event. That was some pretty extreme stuff. It was fun seeing pals in the snow, cauz its so hot now, so it makes me feel cooler. These are the best Olympics ever.

    Loveys Sasha

  3. Such awesome pictures! Made me wish for a very snowy winter!
    Lots of slobber,
    Indigo the Great Dane

  4. Beautiful post. Yikes that snow looks cold. Have a great day.

    hugs, Bugsy, Knuckles and Max

  5. Fantastic Entries! Wow! The snow caked faces gave me a big chuckle :D And the windy ones BOL! I didn't know Norwood kayaked too! Cool! :D That was really 'hot' shot of the beautiful Grey Fox :D And yap, gotta paw it to Tucker for making yellow icicles BOL! Great Event Frank! Really enjoyed this! Thanks for Hosting it pal! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  6. Great participation!!! Love all the entries. Thank you for hosting!

  7. Love the photos - it's so hot here just now I'd forgotten how snowy it was that day :-) Thanks for hosting such a fun event - woofs and licks from Magic xx

    Bravo Bravo bravo to all the very brave athletes who endured all types of weather to bring this event to Blogville.
    Thank you to you and your peeps for hosting this bone chilling event
    Hugs Madi

  9. OMD so many brave anipals, wee is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO impressed wivs evry one ovs dem

    Da K Krew
    xxx xxx

  10. Brilliant Frank , wow that had us shivering. Just going off to put on a jumper. Excellent event and really funny. Have a great day.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. Hi Frank.
    Ratty Rat is unfortunately stuffed and he came all the way from New York. He helped me train for my epic battle against Wenlock in the Olympic De-stuffing event. I can often be found discussing hunting vermin with Ratty Rat. Maybe sometime I will introduce him to everybody.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. OMD Frank (NOT FrankIE) THIS is an astounding Event. I love the HOT and COLD pics.. And TUCKER Really showed what SOME of us think of the COLD thingys. BRAVO to Each and EVERY contestant. BRILLIANT PAWformance.
    Congratulations to YOU and to your ASTOUNDING Athletes.
    Bravo Bravo Bravo

  13. Hey Frank!
    Wow, this was such a fun event! Since it's so hot here this Summer, the flashbacks to snowy play are really great to see. Your athletes really got creative in showing their style and good form. Thanks so much for hosting this and letting us enjoy the elements! Woohooooo!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Athlete

  14. They law has mercy! I am in just total awe of all dat makes me cold, I needs a sweater nows.
    OMD, Tucker cracks me up! I would has done busted my butt!

    Awesome job Frank. Oh dis is Puddles.


  15. This was the BEST event EVER! It was so nice to get out in the snow, even if it was EXTREME, just to beat the heat we have here in Texas! Oh, and Pigeon appreciates the shout-out even if she didn't participate. :)

  16. Thanks for posting this fantabulous event!
    I would like to suggest that Tucker stands in the middle of the podium when we receive our Olympic Medals!!!! He deserves a little extra recognition for his EEXTREME PEEING!!

    Your furiend,

  17. Wow that was EXTREME...great pictures Frank...makes me want to get out of the house and bounce around in the snow soon as we get any....sometimes its EXTREME for me to get out of bed
    Have a super duper day
    STella Rose

  18. That was EXTREME!!! There sure are some tough and hardy athletes out there. Thanks Frank for hosting this most excellent event.

  19. Frank the Tank you have really taken this sport to the Extreme! The Athlete's were incredibly pawsome and trained so hard for this Event. We think next year, Tucker should host the Snow Writing Event.

    You were a most gracious host!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  20. I means walking on the frozen ice is difficult enough, you can't possibly expect me to lift my leg stand on 3 feets on the ice? Wait, i never lifts my leg even on the grass - does this means I pee likes a girl or dat i am just not coordinated enoughs?

    Thank you for hosting this fun event.
    woof - Tucker

  21. Hi Frank! We really missed visiting your blog. We hope hu-mom will be visiting on a regular basis again. We'll see!

    We love all the Extreme pictures and you even included kitties, how nice!

    You are def so handsome in the snow.

    Love you lots,
    Minnie, Mack and foster Mario

  22. Well, me feels all nice and cooled off now after seein' all dese contestants in da snows!


  23. What a great host. Bet lots of those athletes are wishing for snow since its been so hot. Great job every buddy
    Benny & Lily

  24. What brave dogs to get their bellies and foots wet like that! I loves the snow. In the summer, I means. I hates it in the winter, that is when I wishes for hots! Great job on the hostings and congrats to all of the EXTREMEly talented atheletes.


  25. What an awesome event and it's so funny to see that so many were thinking snow! Great job, everybody!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  26. Just looking at all those pictures really cooled me off from this summer's hot weather. Thanks for hosting such a fun event.

    Cindy & Nina

  27. Fwank
    I was stwuck by the EXTWEME fitness and athleticism of these extweme spowt contendews!!! Fabooloos..even climbing Mt Evewest now that's extweme.but it seemed to me that no weathew hot ow cold ow wainy ow snowy coold stop any of these top athletes fwom doing theiw bestest to have fun and show the wesults of theiw twaining..Absolutely amazing to see kittehs bwave the elements fow thiew spowt..and Extwemely wondewful commen tawy and hosting by you deew Fwank.
    Thank you fow a wondewful eventsmoochie kisses

  28. Well now Frank I think your athletes took EXTREME Sports to an NEW level of EXTREME. LOVE IT.

  29. Oh, all those snow shots are making us feel so much cooler after the EXTREME heat we have had here this summer, Frank. We live near Nora and we are trying to figure out where she found that snow. We only had a total of three inches here last winter, a rarity. Great job on this event. And thanks for your nice visits to our blog.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  30. Yay!!!! Wild Applause....whistles...

    Well done to all the competitors.

    What a fantastic event.

    Take a bow Frank (and Personal Assistant) for a well-run, well presented event!!!


    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  31. Those are great entries! We thought we entered, but it must have gotten lost in the e-mail world. We loved all the pictures.
    Sally Ann and Andy

  32. Now I'm all super excited for winter! Let it snow, Let it snow, LET IT SNOW!!!!


  33. Hi Tank
    Good job on getting the event all organized with all the competitors. We cannot believe all the talent we are seeing in the extreme weather events!
    So much beauty, and we shared a lot of smiles as we watched each competitor.

  34. Whew, sorry I is so late getting here, Frank. Mom has been hogging my pooter. Wot a pawsome lineup of eggstreme sports competitors you has. That woz mostest fun and furry interesting that most off us seem to be eggstreme SNOWDOGS!