Wednesday 27 July 2011

More Wedding Photos!

Its all about me!

Its my Daddy!

The Three Amigos!

Ashley and Sammie!

Grampie Graham and Mamma Leesa!

Grampie Graham and Mamma Leesa - Awwww Sweet!

Pug hug for photos!

The only time Dan smiled!!!

Ells and Clair!

Mum and Craig look over the photo list.

Mum and Craig.




Dads in the stocks .... for the rest of his life!

Sam and Pete (Ernie's Mum and Dad)

Steve gets in touch with his feminine side with Jude's hat!

Steve and Gramps.

Gramps with a pint! Mmmmm!

Nanna Moyna, Nanna Dot and Auntie Linda.

Jude (Jasper's Mum) and Mum

Mum and Dad.

The happy couple!


Mum and Dad have their cake and eat it!

Now ... Dave .... this is how you work this new camera!

Bampi Dave and Nannie Carina!

My Blogs biggest Fan!!

Thank you Jude for taking these lovely photos!

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