Wednesday 13 July 2011

Honeymoon with Mum and Dad.

On July 4th Mum and Dad went on their Honeymoon to The Cotswolds and I got to go with them!

The one problem is that on the way there the car broke down and we ended up stuck in the services!

It took aaaaggggeess .... So I had a little sleep in the drivers seat.

Mamma Leesa and Grampy Graham came to the rescue, they picked us up in their car and we finally made it to our Honeymoon destination!

The Chester House Hotel and The Croft Restaurant.

Mum, Dad and Me - We have the Key!

A nice place to sit.

What?? I don't foul!

Our Room!

Champagne and Chocolates! Mmmmm!

Yum, Yum!

Gorgeous Chocolates.

Lovely Bubbley!

Mum and me have some Champers.

Relaxing on the bed.

Mmmmm this is the life!

Fish and Chips for Dinner! Yum,Yum!

Can I have a chip Dad??

Hugs for pugs by the Cotswolds sign and on the bridge (below).

A hot air balloon above the Kingsbridge Inn.

I liked this tree.

The Motor Museum.

I'm too young to remember Brum, the car who lives here!

"The Little Nook" - so quaint!

The Venice of the Cotswolds.

I loved walking around here, everywhere was nice and quiet!

I'll take you to the candy shop ....

This is a garden centre, you can get garden products here and they are all Eco Friendly!

The Mouse Trap.

Me and Dad by Reception.

Here's your sign!

Mum and Dad pose with me while on a walk through a public foot path.

I play ball with Dad

and have a little swim too!

Wahoo! I've got my ball!

Dad gets us Ice cream! Yum, Yum!

I had a sleep in between Dads legs, it was so relaxing!

Me and Mum Cuddle - We both look squished up here, we had just both woke up!

Mum and Dad had a wonderful Honeymoon here and so did I - the sun was shining and I got lots of walks, it was a nice relaxing holiday!

Mum had hopi ear candeling done and a back and Indian head massage from Sadie, Mum thought that she was fab and she had two pet dragons! I want to meet them, I bet they would love to see me! Sadie thought that I was super cute!

All the places here look like they are out of a movie in a different time zone!

Broadway is stunning, lots of gorgeous cottages and lovely little shops, I really enjoyed my walk around there!

This is a Doctors Surgery!

The shops have really nice things in them, some beautiful crafts and trinkets for the home.

Dad checks out "Marios" hairdressers, hope its him having a trim and not me!

Cotswolds mansion - I would love to live here!

I had to take a photo of this gate, it looks so oldy worldy!

Collins of Broadway - There are the Collins in the backround!!

Gorgeous gardens.

Recreating the statue behind us, me and Mum pose for a photo!

I loved this door, it looks like it belongs on a castle!

There are pretty cottages and houses all over the cotswolds but this is Grampy Grahams favorite!

Dad amid the Lavender - Lavender is popular all over the Cotswolds, they sell all Lavender products in the shops from scent to soap and shampoos.

I saw what looked like a big lake but it was actually a field full of Lavender.

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