Monday 25 July 2011

BBQ with Sam, Pete and Ernie!!

BBQ and Sleepover over my Friends House - Sam, Pete and Ernie!

Pete lights the chiminea!

'Hmmmm' says Pete 'lets add a bit of lighter fluid!'

The BBQ starts.

I smell the meat and have to get as closer look.

Getting those burgers on the Barbie!

Sizzle, Sizzle....

Problems with the BBQ ....

I try to steal a burger and almost burn my little nose!

New Plan! The burgers weren't cooking 0n the BBQ so Dad decides the way to go is an improvised throw-away BBQ!

There you go!

Adding lighter fluid again ... Men love to be men!

Sam warms herself on the chiminea! Ahhh nice!

Me and Ernie play in the garden!

I love to play with Ernie he is so much fun!

Looking at the flowers.

Ernie looks to see if there is any more food coming from the kitchen...

Pig or Elephant - the debate is on!

Enjoying the nibbles!

Blowing the flames.

Wahoo! Fire!

Dad gets lost in the smoke of the BBQ!

Peroni anyone? No?? All for me!!!

Peroni! The drink of the Italian Stallion!

The Dads chat!

I wonder where did Ernie go???

Maple pork - Yummy!

Sam munches on her burger and I try and sneak some.

Is there any more food for me???

Mum drinks some Strawberry daiquiri's!

This could possibly be the best cheesecake in the entire world!!!!!!!!!

Time to go to bed ... and Ernie comes too!

Bed time....

Me, Mum and Dads bedroom, it looks just like a hotel room!

Pete and Sam's wedding photo! Awwww!

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