Monday 2 August 2010

A Walk Up Llanfabon.

On Saturday I went for a very long walk around Llanfabon, it was a really nice walk, I met a sheep and saw the pub on the top of the mountain and I had a look at the Llanfabon manor house it was all very fun!

I made friends with this sheep!

I tried to get under the gate to chase the sheep once he run off - I think that he was scared of me! He started to Baaaaa at me!

Lost in the grass - I ran through a field but couldnt really see my way through as the grass was so long that I had to bounce my way through it just to see where I was going!

Hugs and Kisses off Mam!

The Llanfabon Inn pub.

The Llanfabon Manor house.

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