Wednesday 11 August 2010

Berry pickin’ in the garden!

The Blackberry Bush.

Helping Mum find the biggest and best blackberries.

Cheif Blackberry taster.

The Blackberries we picked.

The Pie! Mmmmmmm!

Sunday I helped Mum pick blackberries, they were all at the bottom of the garden, it’s one of the first signs that Autumn isn’t far away, we collected so many berries that mum decided to make a tart, and we all had some … even me!

Today is Wednesday, this morning was a really cold one, with that Autumny smell in the air and that little nip on my feet as I walked outside on the grass. Mum says the summer is nearly over and its going to start getting colder and the leaves will start to change, Mum tells me its a lovely time but it rains a lot and I'm not looking forward to that but at least my little army hoodie came the other day in the post so I will have to wear that when the weather gets a bit more frosty! Maybe Mum will make me a cute jumper, she needs to find a hobby besides playing with me hee,hee! Last night we went for a walk around the park and the Nalson football team, The Nelson Cavaliers, were playing and I kept my eye on the ball desperate to chase it! Then later on we went to see Nanna Moyna and then went home for some food and I snuggled up to Mum with my chew nibbling on it while she watched "Ghost Whisperer" they need to do an episode about a ghost dog!! Ha,Ha!

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