Tuesday 10 August 2010

Ernie will never be the same again!

On Saturday night, Ernie came over, we are going away in October together for a few days so we need to spend more time together, we get along very well, Ernie is so nice, except when I touch his paws or nibble on his ears .... then he growls at me!

We had a lot of fun playing together, chewing our treats that Mum gave us when the take away came for our Mummy and Daddys but I got a little too frisky and started getting humpy!!!!!

Mum decided to ring the vet and now I am booked in on Friday 27th August for my castration, I have a pre-operation check up on Monday 23rd August.

I am very scared to be left with the vets because I have never been away from my Mum and stayed with anyone else, I cry my little heart out, but Mum assures me that I will be ok and although she will be upset to leave me and to put me through pain it will be the best thing for me, I won’t be humpy anymore, I will be healthier and less likely to get urinary diseases and cancer, I get to have Mum and Dad home for a whole 10 days during my recovery!

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