Tuesday 24 July 2012

Sunny Weekend Walk!

Mum took me to the Park on the weekend and the weather was beautiful and sunny!

I did a lot of sniffling and snuffling with my Puggy snooter and checked for pee-mail by this pretty May blossom tree!

Mum loves this wood sculpture!

I do my best model pose for Mum to take photos of me.


Looking side to side to show off my gorgeouse Puggy looks!

The grass in the park is covered with Bluebells!

Another wood  sculputre in a spiral and lots of little yellow flowers.

Walking down the track, panting because of the heat!

The wood log bench for the Pawrents to sit down and relax on!


Another bench for people to sit on, lots of nice scenery to look at here of the fields and wildlife like birds and squirrels to watch!

I love to walk down the track, I feel close to nature, its pretty and it makes me happy!
This is where I walk almost every day with Mum, we usually walk for an hour or more!

In the water in the lake.

Whats that???

Swimming to cool off!

Such a nice long walk, I love the woodlands and the lakes, its such a beautiful place!


  1. Hey Frank you got sun!!!!!!! Yeppeeeeee! We too have sun and been out and about soaking up the rays. Have a lovely Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hey Frank! That looks like a super place to walk and sniff, and explore, and swim. It is so pretty and green. Thanks for taking us along.

  3. Wow Frank you swim and walk...i bet your mom loves that! Plus the park and lake is beautiful! Maybe if we lived where you do I would walk also instead of having to ride in a baby stroller. People are starting to talk about my mom here in this little town. Your Friend Stellie

  4. Wow FRANK you have a super place fur Walkin and Sniffin and SWIMMING. I love that spiral sculpture.

  5. What a cool place for walkies! I love coolin' off in the water, too!

  6. Such an awesome walk, Frank! And I really like your blog re-do too!

  7. How beautiful and what a good swimmer you are

    urban hounds

  8. Hi Tank
    I love it when you take us along on your little walks.
    There is so much to see! I loved those little blue bells, and the trails your walk on. The wood sculputre surrounded by all those yellow flowers looks so magical.
    Most of all , I love it when you get in the water and swim and stuff,, cause I think you are so brave. I can't swim, and not as brave as you.
    Thank you for sharing your day Tank

  9. Frank that is a really great place you go for your daily walkies! Cool wood sculptures, pretty green fields and a place to go swimmin! Yay!

    Waggin at ya,