Tuesday 31 July 2012

My Falling Waters Adventure ~ Shawnee Style!

Dad took Me and Mum to see the Falling Waters, an Adventure just like my furiend Shawnee would go on!

I was so very excited, I had to check out the pee-mail on the sign warning of the dangers of the water!

Dogs must be controlled due to sheep in the area, Mum and Dad said I was well behaved enough not to go on my lead! Phew!

I got to go down on the rocks and sniff around by the water! It is very pretty here!

Dad keeps a close eye on me by the little falling waters and dips his foot in the water to check how cold it is! It was COLD!

Me and Mum pose for Pics on the Rocks by the River!

It's a long way down to the water there!

Dad and I walk down to the waters edge and I have a paddle and a drink!

I love this adventure already, I'm so happy I'm smiling all the time!

Checking out how deep the water is by looking at an old Tree that has fallen in the Water! Oh Yeah that's pretty deep!

We came to a gate and once we went through it things got more adventurous!

Whats this?? Whats down there??

I take a closer look, but feel a bit spooked!

More fun along the water banks with lots of new smells for my snooter to sniff!

Me and Mum Hug!

My spirit of adventure gets the better of me and off I go Hiking, leading Mum and Dad to the Waterfalls!


Little Waterfall Here!

Which way to go? There are so many different trails we can take!

The Waterfall, it's so beautiful!


The Waterfall with Me and Mum!

Me and Dad being very brave venture across the river to the other side, we both get our Paws Wet and the water was freezing!

YEY! We made it across safe and sound!


More falling waters on the trail back home!

Wait ... Whats that noise? I see a German Shepherd in the water! Could it really be my Furiend Shawnee??

No it wasn't Shawnee, I was disappointed but whoever they were, they seemed to be having lots of fun!

A Robin sat for his photo!

Hikers Bar, we stopped for a drink in the Angel Pub, it was very thirsty work doing all this walking and swimming!


The information Centre was full of information about the waterfalls!

We soon headed home and I slept all afternoon after my hike to see the waterfalls!
It was such a wonderful day!


  1. What a grand adventure! It looks like you had a grreat time. I wonder what monster was under that barred up area? Whatever it was, you scared it away from your mom and dad!

  2. That looks like a most excellent place to walk and hike and swim. WOW! Such great photos.

  3. Hey! Did I hear you call my names? OMD, they did not shut the waters off in the falling waters by you! Thank you fur sharing that with me. I was hasing falling water withdrawals. I like that picture of you and your dad both smiling like you both be saying "CHEESE" at the same time. And I is so green with jellyness that dogs get to go into the pubs ofur there by you. Here they is all like, "ewwww, no dogs allowed" like we has cooties or sumpin.

  4. Wow Frank your walks are cool. Hope the weather is being kind to you. Love to see you out an about in beautiful Wales.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Frank you have the best adventures and I love your smile in that one picture! What a cool place to snoop around! If that was me, I would have to be in my stroller, Sam would be running away and we would have to wait till HE decided to come back to us, and Trudie would be hiding behind the tree and refusing to come out....we are a very dysfunctional family...sigh.....Stella Rose

  6. FRANK.... I LOVE this .. I am crazy over Falling Waters and RAWKS... and you have them BOTH. I usually have to wait fur our furend Shawnee to show me these beautiful thingys.. THANK YOU!!! PeeS... I thought that was Shawnee at furst, too.

  7. What a good boy you are to listen to mom and dad with all those distractions. WE love reading about your adventures you live in such a magical place

    urban hounds

  8. That looks like so much fun...What a beautiful place
    Benny & Lily

  9. Frank, that was a most beautiful adventure! I can see why you'd be smiling the whole time. Given the month of 100 degree tempatures we've had I don't think that water would be too cold for me!!

    All the best to you and your pugrents!!


  10. Hello Frank!

    What a beautiful place to have walkies! I wish i lived near somewhere like that so i could go walkies there! You're lucky, i love yours and your dads big smiles! And the pictures of you hugging your mum are really cute, glad you had a great time!

    Milo :)

  11. Tank- that hike was spectacular. I am glad your pawrents kept track of you so the water did not carry you away.

  12. Dreamy waterfalls Frank! Such a beautiful place! Glad there was a pub at the end of the trail. Mom would have appreciated that ;) You and your peeps gave me smileys with all your smileys :D

    Waggin at ya,