Tuesday 17 July 2012

Something is Lurking in the Moat…

Dad took Me and Mum to Caerphilly as he had heard reports that something is lurking in the Caerphilly Castle moat…

This is me having a sniff around and suddenly I spot the monster in the Moat!
"Mum, Dad, Look! Look! Look! It's over there in the water!"

The monster is believed to have escaped from a new art gallery in the town, where it was part of an exhibition entitled ‘Barry's Zoo’
 The 20ft creature is the work of Rhondda sculptor Barry Lewis. The historic Caerphilly Castle, surrounded by its moat, was a location the monster was obviously drawn to.

Mum took me to get a closer look at the monster, but we had to walk past a lot of Geese!

The Geese had babies and were hissing and honking at me, Dad made sure I stayed well away from them!

Geese and Babies!

Baby all fluffy and cute!

Caerphilly Castle, The Moat and the Monster!

The Monster!

The Monster almost ate me! Ahhhh!

Then once we had seen the Monster we walked around the Castle grounds.

 The Castle, Me and Mum!

Then we met a Pug called Spike, he was a real cutie pie!

Spike and I made friends and I told him I hoped to see him again next time I visit the Castle!

Time to go home, Me and Dad walk from the Castle back to the car.

Me and Mum pose for a photo in front of Caerphilly Castle before going home, it was a great adventure, a nice walk and I couldn't wait to get home for a sleep to dream about Castles and Dragons!


  1. What a grreat adventure! I can't believe how brave you are. Facing a monster AND geese! Geese are MEAN!

  2. WOW! A monster and you were so brave. And you were brave with the geese. I once got bit on the butt by a goose. Kinda of funny cuz my name is Goose.

  3. We loved the close up of the monsters head. Have a great Tuesday with some sun like we are having. Suppose it's back to rain tomorrow!
    Best wishes Molly

  4. So much fun! Wish I could have gone too!

  5. OMP (oh my pug) that castle is too beautiful and that monster is really scary, but not for a brave guy like you. You are like a heroic knight of old protecting your mum

    urban hounds

  6. Boy oh boy do I wish I could have been there with you! What an amazing place! So beautiful, and a sea creature to boot! Frank, I am so jealous!


  7. I am your 59th follower and I am so glad to have found you because your blog is very entertaining and the pictures are beautiful!
    Those geese certainly weren't afraid of you or the monster! What a fun post!

  8. You had quite an adventure wiff you Mum and Dad! The castle is beautiful and I really loved all the green grass...unlike our slightly green brown grass in Colliwado,USA!! It has been a very dry summer and we've had many fires in our state this year.
    Now, something funny!! You know my secwetawy, who is about 187 years old, decided to put on her glasses to read your email address.....she was much surprised to see it is 2001 not 2011! BOL! My pics are on the way!

  9. Hi Tank
    you have the best adventures of anyone that I know.
    I have never been to a castle, and never seen one either. And I have never seen a real monster!
    Your little friend that you met is very cute!

  10. What a lovely story. It sounds as if you have had a very challenging time. If you are up to it,there are many more of the monster's friend at y galeri, St Fagans Street, Caerphilly - but hurry because they are all leaving on the 29th of this month. Jan

  11. Frank you pawrents took you to meet a Monster in a Lake?!!! And visit a castle too?!!! Dude you have some very cool pawrents! :D What a great adventure Frank! Not sure I would have been as brave as you with the geese. Nasty mean critters those :O Glad you made it home safe :)

    Waggin at ya,