Tuesday 1 February 2011

Weekend Walkies.

On Saturday Mum and Aunty Ashley took me for a very long walk all the way to Tredomen.

Aunty Ashley watched me play under the bridge in the stream.

We walked passed the Fishing Hole.

We looked over on to The Train Track.

I ran down the lane that had lots of fallen leaves.

I hadn't been here before ...

Walking down to Tredomen.

The Pretty scenery on the walk.

Tredomen Tax Offices.

Over the bridge ....

We made it!!

The Post to tell us how long we walked!

Then we turned back and walked home, we went a new way, up lots of steps .....

and even more steps .....

and more steps ...

I felt like Rockey!

Du,du,duuuu...Du,du duuuu!

Its all down hill from here!

Over the Lakes.

And back home!

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