Tuesday 22 February 2011

Its a "Dog Gone" Mysetery!

Last night walking down the track Nelson way Mum and I found a dog that had a broken leg, he was very cute just like the one in the photo (above) and if Dad had been with us Mum would have taken the dog to the vet herself but she was on her own and the dog would have been quite heavy for Mum to carry, the dog was hurt really badly so Mum phoned the vet and they gave her the number of the RSPCA who told her to stay with the dog for as long as she could, the RSPCA said they would be 10-15 minutes, which turned in to half an hour and it was getting darker and darker and so Mum rang Nanna Moyna and she came down the track to meet us, I was running around wondering what was going on and then this nice couple who Nanna Moyna knew said they would give the RSPCA their number so that me and Mum could go home as they lived in the bungalow right by the track, so later that night Mum rang the lady and she said that the RSPCA woman had come at 8.30 (bearing in mind that Mum had rang at about 5.30 for them) but the dog had GONE!!!
So all night then me and Mum worried about the poor dog!
Where did he go???
It was a big mystery!!

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