Monday 28 February 2011

1 Year with Mum and Dad!

Last year on 27th February I was picked up by Mum and Dad from Janet my Breeder and my Birth Mum the King charles Cavalier in Devon and taken home to Wales, I cried all the way on the long journy home in the car and Mum cuddled me up all night!
Now one year later I'm out for a walk with Mum, Claire and Sox up the Track and around the Fish ponds, I'm so happy to be with Mum and Dad and have had a wonderful year as a Family together!

Looking at the Sheep

Playing Ball with Sox

Running around (trying to loose my weight)

Puffed out - having a rest.

Back to playing with Sox - She has sooo much more energy than me!

Socks waits for me because I'm too slow.

Watching a Fisherman.

Looking for Fish.

Running around the Fish Ponds!

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  1. Hey you need to learn to spell better, Frankie! JournEy not journy! lol
    Hope you're ok!