Friday 8 August 2014

Friday Farm Walk Fun!

Mum thought that it would be fun to be adventurous and go the public footpath walk through the farm.

I enjoyed running through the grass.

We had to go over a few styles from field to field which was fun.

Trying to get through the style on my own, but Mum had to carry me over.

The fields were beautiful.

Running through the grass was so liberating.

I'm trying to act like a real farm dog here.

It was so much fun.

Stopping on the rock for treats of Ashley and a drink of water.

Walking close to Ashley's heels.

I think that our fields are just wonderful to walk through.

Me and Mum walking through the fields.

There were rabbits in the fields that run away as we walked through them! 

More running and playing.

Mum liked this tree....

so I made it mine! BOL!

No walkies is complete without a Sister Selfie!


On the way back home we saw this, thought it was nice, want Mum to have one for me with a puggy on it, this looks like Anna or Shawnee to me! 

Another great adventure.


  1. You'd make a pawsome farm dog Frank and I'd so like to come over and chase some rabbits. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. the tree is great! it it such a tree what leads to Alice's wonderland?

  3. We can't wait to walk in the fields around us, but we'll have to until moms leg is ok again. I might take 4 more weeks :-/

  4. Your daily adventures look like a vacation spot!
    Lily & Edward

  5. OH FRANK.... this is one of your BESTEST walkies EVER... we love how you tried to get over the style... you did it in STYLE fur sure... and your mum is RIGHT that tree is very interesting... and MORE SO now that you MADE IT YOURS..
    RABBITS??? You raced around in a field of RABBITS... WOW BUDDY!!!!

  6. How can you have SO MANY great walkies??? You need to invite all of Blogville over for a walkie tour!!

    Murphy & Stanley
    Mayorz For All Paws

  7. OMD, Frank, you look like a real farm dog!

  8. You got a pawsome place to walk!

  9. Your world is so beautiful!! I love it when you take us on walks!

  10. Awww, Frank is just so adorable! My mother-in-law has a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named "Tulip" and they are wonderful dogs! Pugs are also cute so he is an awesome combination!

    LOVE the pics, too!!!

    Many Blessings,


  11. Oh yes, and,Frank, you have those puppy-like King Charles Cavialier eyes!!! You look like you were having so much fun with your mum in these pics!! ;)

  12. Your mama must love you lots to take you on such cool walks! We are strictly house kitties so our pawparents spoil us to no end all day long in the comfort of OUR home (see, they think they actually run the house, but my brother and sisters all know that WE do!) ...

    Many purs and moews,

    Midnight the Cat

  13. Frank what a lovely day to take your two ladies for a walk!!
    I bet it felt good to stretch your legs.
    Hugs madi your bfff