Monday 29 November 2010

Pug-Deep in Snow!

On Friday while mum and Dad were in work I noticed that the sky was white and seemed to be falling apart, there were huge white flakes falling down to earth and I sat in the middle of the kitchen floor staring at them!

Dad came home and took me out the back and I couldn’t believe it, this white cold powdery stuff was everywhere so I spent some time out the back garden and was not sure if I liked it at first but then after some taste tests and some smelling around I found that I liked it and couldn’t wait to go out for my walks! Mum and Dad took me out for a walk in The Village and then to Nanna Moynas for Milk and Nibbles - it was nice to warm up there because I was freezing!

Mum and Dad took me down the park on Saturday and it was beautiful a true winter wonderland!

Watch out where the puggys go and don’t you eat that yellow snow!

The Snow was almost Pug Deep!

It was up to my Little Knees and My Tummy! I had to explore the garden and enjoyed the Snow!

Out for a walk in the snow.

Where are my ski's when I need them??

I found something that wasnt white!

Mmmm Yummy Snow Cone!

Dad throws me Snowballs!

The Park Photos - The whole place was shimmering and glittering with the Snow!

Mum and Dad with Me!

I Always Meet New Friends!

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