Tuesday 16 November 2010

A Cold Walk in November.

I love going for long walks around the Park with Mum in the cold, the grass is all frosty, glistening in the sun and the air is crisp and when we get home I get all cuddled up in my warm blanket and snuggle up to sleep on Mum after my small warm cup of tea.

Me on the boardwalk - careful not to slip because of the ice and some of the water on either side is frozen!

In the sun by the stream, looking for ice!

Feeling adventurous!

Below is the new gates on the boardwalk.
The long reeds on the boardwalk.

Walking around the park.

Playing with Cocker Spaniel Ollie!

I Love playing with my friends!!

Having a sniff!
Playing Chase with Ollie.
Running around playing.

I really love going on walks in the park!

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