Monday 25 February 2019

It was England against Wales in the Rugby....

I'm English, I was born in Devon and then brought over to Wales at 10 weeks old

My Baby Brother Maxie Moo was born in Wales so he is supporting the Welsh Team.

I'm wearing a red rose and flying the English flag

Max is wearing the traditional Welsh Daffodil and flying the Dragon, the Welsh Flag

Who is going to win???


Wales Won! 


  1. our neighbors are over da moon, they come from wales too...

  2. My angel Aunt Kaitlin was a yellow Labrador that Momma had in high school when she lived in England. Aunt Kaitlin was born in Wales, grew up in London, and then moved to Texas! Momma says being multinational is fun because you're at home anywhere.

  3. Hehe, bet there was FUNS in your house watching the rugby
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS I LUFFS both your outfits

  4. Hooray for you all having a great day watching rugby!

  5. This was such a wonderful post. We are smiling so much at the cuteness in these photos. Thanks for sharing. We are happy that Wales. Now time to celebrate. Have a fun day.
    World of Animals