Tuesday 8 January 2019

Sleepy Puppers!

Maxie Moo's Birthday on December 17th followed by the Festive Season, then New Year and then My 9th Birthday on the 2nd January...no wonder we are two pooped out Puppers! 

There have been too many Pawtys here!


Can I sleep to 2020??


  1. I wonder that we had no party today... I mean it is the furst tuesday since two weeks that we have no howliday... weird, isn't it?

  2. Hello darlin' Frank and sweet puppy Maxie Moo....yes definitely time to rest...
    Hugs Cecilia and Angel Madi (who went to the Bridge September 13 at 16 1/2)

  3. Sleeping is our favorite sport at our house! Hope you pups can get enough of it now!

  4. What how do you have too many pawties!!! BOL!
    Hazel & Mabel

  5. FrankFrankFrank!!!!! I have missed you buddy! Thank you for commenting and forcing me to check out your blog! It has been too long. Happy Belated Birthday! I turned 9 last July and will be, gulp, TEN this July! Glad to see you and your brother Max (and your Mum?) are doing so well.
    Love Noodles