Friday 1 December 2017

Flashback Friday - Frank's Castration Operation.

Monday, 6 September 2010

I'm Back and I'm Better!

I have been away for 10 days, I am very glad to be back, below are a few photos of me to show you all what I went through! I had my operation on Friday 27th and I felt really groggy when I got home, I was in pain and felt really ill, but Mum and Dad cuddled me up and kept me safe and warm, they put their bed downstairs to be with me and we all slept together for a few nights. My next door neighbours were very kind and got me a get well soon card and the vet gave me soft food to eat for two days. The next day I felt better, I just had to get used to my new collar, which really got on my nerves but Mum and Dad had fun with me! We played a lot and mum gave me my kibbles with water so it wouldn’t hurt my teeth and then took me for a short walk twice a day. Tonight I get the collar off and my stitches out, I am really looking forward to it!!

Just before my operation.

So happy and blissfully unaware of what is going to happen to me next!

Me being carried in by My Dad because I couldnt stand, my legs gave way from under me due to the anesthetic and feeling ill and in pain.

Feeling sorry for myself.

Feeling in pain just after I got home from my operation.


Laying down feeling sorry for myself ...

Still feeling sorry for myself ....

See my sad eyes!

The razored section of my front leg where they put the anasthetic in.

My Stitches.

Trying to get the hang of my "lamp shade" collar while feeling back to my old self two days later playing ball!

How do I pick up this ball with this thing on my head??

Playing again.

Showing off my Lampshade now I have got used to it.

My get well soon card off Sammie, Craig and Alex - Thanks guys!!

Relaxing on Mums bed, getting spoiled.

My stitches now with all my fur growing back - getting them out today! Wahoo!


  1. Oh Frank, you looked so pitiful! It's easier doing it as a young pup, though. Some of our rescue dogs are fully grown or even old when they have to have their operation!

  2. Thank God so many years has passed by, that you probably have forgotten all about that nasty thing.

  3. Aw poor pup! Ghostwriter says we boy doggies always had a harder time with this kind of stuff than the girlies. She said Miss Ginger came bouncing out of the vet's office as if nothing had happened at all. While Joey dog and I were the picture of misery. Good thing I don't remember much about it.

  4. Bet you are glad that it is in the past Frank. sending hugs for Max
    Hazel & Mabel

  5. oh goodness!!! I hope you can get some naps!