Friday 1 September 2017

Daisy came to stay.

Hi Blogville, long time no bark, I am here to tell you about my good friend Daisy who came to stay with us for a week while her Family was in Ireland.

This is Daisy - she is a Puggy just like me!

I let her share my toys to make her feel at home

She had her own basket to sleep in but she liked to snuggle on the sofa too!

I was looking out for her all the time.

Mum and Daisy have a smootch

Daisy liked to sit on the chair and watched everything that was going on.

Me and My Brother Max enjoyed playing with her especially before we had our morning and evening walkies.

Oh and did I mention she loved sitting on the coffee table??

She did!!!

I miss her already it was nicve having a girl in the house to play with

I hope to see you real soon Daisy Duke!


  1. oh what a cute visitor you had... wish such weeks would last furever and ever so our visitors would never leave ;o)

  2. She looked like she could be your sister Frank! Maybe she will visit again!
    Hazel & Mabel

  3. It's great to see you again! We're glad you had such a good time while Daisy was visiting. The last time there were three doggies in my house was 2010. I kind of miss the company.