Monday 7 September 2015

Food and Ernie Day Out.

On the weekend I went to Pets at Home with my Mum and Dad to get my food.

I walked around the store looking for my food.

There was so much to choose from! 

So many toys too!

Dad had to carry me because I just wanted to buy so much stuff!

We called in to see Ernie because his Mum had told us that his Paw was bad.

As soon as he saw me though he was up and playing, he had no paw trouble at all!

He had just cut his paw on a thorn from a bramble bush.

We sniffed and chased and played all the time we visited.

We both relaxed for a while to catch our breath from running around like mad things chasing each other ....

Then  I did my Sniper Pug move and Ernie was back chasing me!

Then more relaxation before I had to go home.

Ernie, Me and My Daddy.

Food and Ernie makes one really fun day out! 


  1. That looked like a really fun day! Hope Ernie's paw gets better fast.

  2. Hope Ernie's paw is better now that he got to play with you!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. All Ernie needed was a little visit from you and he was all better!