Wednesday 7 August 2013

Happy Birthday Jude but a sad day for Jasper!

Happy Birthday to Jude, Jude is Jaspers Mum!

Jude and Jasper

Me and Jude

Jude and My Mum on her Wedding Day!

Mum and Jude on a trip to the Lilly Ponds.

Mum and Jude at Pembroke Castle.

I love my cousin Jasper we always snuggle and kiss!

But ... today of all days on his Mummys Birthday, Jasper got attacked by another dog, it was horrible and so very upsetting, he has been to the V-E-T and has been told that he is doing ok. 

Jasper had wounds to the neck and ears, his Mum was awfully shook up and so was he.

Please can everyone send Power of the paw and prayers to him!

Love, Licks and Hugs


  1. We are so sorry to hear that about jasper...we are sending him the potp!
    stella rose

  2. Happy Birfday to Jude...

    AND Power of the Paws fur JASPER.... THAT is a terrible and SCARY thingy to have happened. We are sooooo sorry.

  3. Hi, Sending wishes for a quick recovery. I understand how traumatic this can be-my Hunter was attacked this summer by a huge Goldendoodle who knocked me to the ground and then attacked him. Hunter is not a dog that every fights or even defends himself. Thankfully, he wasn't injured but I had a lot of bruises and swelling on my ankle and leg. Made me a bit scared to go out alone and walk him.
    Happy Birthday to Jude.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  4. Oh no, poor Jasper! I hope he's doing well and feels better real soon.

  5. You got it Buddy, we sending POTP and our good thoughts over the air waves to Jasper!

    The Mad Scots

  6. Oh awful. How did that happen? Poor Jasper and poor mum. We know how horrible it can be for all. Sending huge loads of POTP to them. Paws crossed all will be OK.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. I have loved two schnauzers, Tricks and Huey. TFT something like that had happened to either of them I would be both furious and concerned! Fortunately, dogs are incredibly resilient and I know Jasper will be ok. Still, he and Jude have my prayers and best wishes! Frank, the fact that they both are loved by you and your Mom will help them immensely as we'll.


  8. So sorry about Jasper!! We will cross our paws that he has good care and powerful healing! It is sad that some dogs will do that!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. I send the power of the paw too for Jasper,,, It was so terrible this happened.

    I send healing magic bubbles.

  10. Paws crossed for Jasper. I hope he is ok and Happy Birthday to Jude!

    Loveys Sasha

  11. Oh my goodness Jasper we are thinking of you. All our feets are crossed. S terrifying
    Benny & Lily

  12. oh my goodness!!! Be brave Jasper!! how scary! have a big birthday cuddle to make it all better!! Happy Birthday!
    Love Reggie xxx

  13. Oh poor Jasper - only just read this - what a terrible thing to happen. Sending hugs to Jasper and his Mum and POTP for Jasper to be better very soon xx

  14. Prayers for quick heal to Jasper and Happy Birthday to Jude!

  15. Happy Birthday to Jude.

    And Jasper, not a good birthday present! We have all 40 paws in our house crossed for a quick recovery.

  16. I am so behind with looking at my bloggie furiends Frank...... When I saw this post I almost fell to the floor with worry for Jasper!!! That is my mum's worst nightmare for me as I am a sweet doggie (like Jasper) and you can never be too careful!!

    I hope Jasper is going to make a full recovery and not be skeered for life now.

    I'm sure you can help with his counselling if required.

    Rubie xxx