Friday 12 July 2013

Product Review: Canagan Dog Food (Part 2)

Product Information:

Canagan Free-Run Chicken is a special grain free dog food formulated by our experts to deliver nutrition, close to their ancestral diet, with the correct ratio of protein to carbohydrate and a host of vegetables and botanicals.  This carefully balanced, nutrient dense formula will excite your dog's taste buds and give them the abundance of highly digestible protein demanded by their evolutionary needs.

Only Wholesome Ingredients:


Chicken is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, phosphorous and selenium which is good for the immune system.

Sweet Potato
A highly digestible premium source of slow-release energy, rich in anti-oxidants and a great source of soluble fibre.
Provides a natural and valuable source of minerals which contain iodine to support thyroid function and control metabolism.
Marigold, Cranberry and Camomile
Marigold stimulates white blood cell production and strengthens the immune system. Cranberry is rich in Vitamin C and helps promote a healthy urinary tract. Camomile is thought to reduce stress.

Canagan Free-Run Chicken is delicious, it smells great, tastes wonderful and even looks good, I really like the shape (like little hearts) and colour of the kibble and as I have been on Hills Science Plan for such a long time this was a welcome change!

 I have been eatting this food for a week now and it really satisfied me, I felt fuller for longer (I have two meals a day and was being fed 60g per feed being a 10kg dog who needs to loose some weight) I would really love to try the Scottish Salmon and the Country Game variety as I have only ever been fed on chicken and fancy a change!

Canagan's packaging is very attractive, it looks good quality which reflects on the product which also sounds healthy, good quality food and it feels like a special product.

I will deffinatly be perchasing a big bag of Canagan after trying this!

Thank you to the wonderful people at PETS CORNER for giving me a chance to sample this food.

Thank you all for listening to my very first product review,
Love, Licks and Hug


  1. Sounds pretty good. We never heard of it. Thanks for the review
    Benny & Lily

  2. Great review Frank and the best bit is you are fuller for longer. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. That sound interesting... hmmm... free run chicken... hope that means that I have to chase my food first :o)

  4. You did a great job with this review. I bet many others will want your experience in reviewing.

  5. THAT sounds like PAWfect kibble fur you. Esp. since there are other flavors besides Chicken.

  6. Excellent review! Food looks delicious. Have a great weekend!

  7. Great review Frank - that food sounds like good quality kibble. Enjoy your weekend - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  8. This sounds wonderful. Thank you for doing a review and raising awareness about this awesome dog food. I love the pictures.

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