Friday 14 June 2013

Holiday Haven Part 5 of 5 ~ Reggie in the Fur!

This is Kerry and Reggie - we met up in Devon while I was on my Holidays!

 (see Reggies blog HERE to find out what he thought)

 Kerry with Reggie and Mum with Me.

Mum was so happy to finally meet Kerry and Reggie.

Mum getting lots of Licks and Lovings from Reggie!

Reggie is so cute and full of personality just like me!

Can you guess who is who?

Reggie is just sooooo cute!

Its like looking in to a mirror (only I'm a a bit more tubby)

My Brother from another Mother

Owww we are handsome!

Pugalier Pals for life!

Reggie mid-run!

I had an amazing time on the beach playing with Reggie!

Dad loved Reggie and he joins in the Puggy fun!



I taught Reggie how to roll!

Mum wanted to take Reggie home!!

Mum loved Kerry so much and she hopes that Kerry and Reggie can come and stay with us soon becuse we had such a nice afternoon together and I just cant wait to play with Reggie again!

New Best Friends!

Kerry even has a Seat car like Mum &Dad and Sam & Pete
She is deffo one of the crew.

I had such a wonderful time!


  1. LOL we are seeing double. Glad you had a fun time with Reggie. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I loved those beach running and playing shot. You for sure have a new, HANDSOME, buddy for life.

  3. You guys are just twinkies playing in the water and sand, we are so jealous, wish we had a beach!

    The Mad Scots

  4. OMD you and Reggie are gonna be Best Fur Furends Furever
    BFFF's He surely does look FUN...

  5. OMD, Frank, I'm so glad you said there really WERE two of you, because I thought I was SEEING DOUBLE!

  6. awwwww! I love all the photos!!! We are BFF's! Mum had such a lovely time and cannot wait to come and see you again! I had the best afternoon :-) Great photo of me rolling!
    many more happy times ahead for us hopefully... Lots of love big hugs from me and Ma!
    Im going to put your post on facebook as i love it so much xxxxxxx hope thats ok xxxxx