Thursday 29 November 2012

Thankful Thursday - Walk in the Light!

Mum was feeling a bit fed up of our walks in the dark evenings in the rain so she booked a day off work on Friday to take me on a long walk down the track, I usually go down here on the weekend but they had forecast heavy rain for the weekend.

 I enjoyed sniffing for Pee-Mail.

 I loved running through the forest and sliding on the slippery fallen leaves!

More sniffing!

We went down the track and to the ponds.

I love it down here!

 My Paw Print in the mud.

I chased some sheep!!

 I had so much fun!

We went under the stick Bridge (Goose you would LOVE this) its made from twigs and branches!

It's so very pretty!

Then we walked around the big lake and I ran fast through puddles!

Nelson ... showing me the way back home!

Rose hips were EVERYWHERE!

The Lake - Such a peaceful place to play!

 On the way home now.

 On the Boardwalk.

I loved this walk, me and Mum were out from 11.30am to about 2pm just walking, hiking and playing together! It was such a good time!

I was really sleepy on the way home and spent most of the time sniffing the cold air!

Once home Mum gave me some warm milk and kibbles and we snuggled up together for a little sleep!
Such a perfect day! Mum is thankful for spending quality time with me in the sun and not the dark!


  1. You Mum is the best. To take some time off work to spend it with you. She is a keeper. I almost feel off the couch when I saw that stick bridge. Oh my goodness would I like to be there to see it in the furs. What a beautiful walk. Thanks for taking us along.

  2. Looks like a great walk and I love the tree tunnel and the shot of your paw print in the mud.

    urban hounds

  3. Wow, what a wonderful day you had, such a beautiful walk.. You get Milk ?? Huh. BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. There is nothing better when your peoples play hookie and you get to spend the day doing awesome non work stuffs!!!

  5. That looks like a great walk! We wish we could have gone with you. We went for a walk yesterday, it will be tomorrow's post. Our weather here has been very nice (but that is supposed to change very quickly). Typically it would be in the lower 40's (F) but we were into the lower 60's the past few days! We haven't had much snow and it melted very quickly. Tomorrow Stanley is going "undercover" so we hope the weather holds. Have a wonderful Friday!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Hi Frank,

    This looks lovely! Your mom is so awesome for taking you on such a long walk. We are getting tired of walks in the dark as well. They are just not as much fun and really, I keep stepping on poop!:P

  7. this sounds like my perfect day to Frank! I have to have a high vis on my walks now... I dont like dark time walks! lovely photos of you Frank! big hug love Reg xxx