Monday 5 March 2012

Sunny Saturday Walk with Mum & Aunty Ashley!

Just in case you were missing me ....



 Thats all for this week, will post again soon hopefully!


  1. Wow! That was quite the walk you went on...loved you posing all over the place :) Hope to see you soon!
    Maddy and Owen

  2. wow! that walk looked ace!
    Big hugs love Reggie xxx

  3. Hey Frank, I dont know how i reply to your comments? Do i do it on my blog or yours? sorry im a bit silly :-(
    I wanted a chocolate finger to, but I wasnt allowed! Erm... last time I went to the vets I was 4.5kg i think? the vet said that was fine. Ma doesnt have scales at home, so i cant weigh myself! I will go to pets at home soon though and ask them to do it! they always give me a treat for standing on the scales!
    Aww Frank you look lovely how you are! its the same as Alfie, he's on a diet! i think he's cuddley!
    Ma was very chuffed with what you said about her other blog, thank you :-) she would love to make you something Frank as she is always looking for a project or some inspiration... so if you email me your neck, back and tummy measurement I shall see she gets it! Big hugs Reggie xxxx

  4. Of course we have missed you! Glad you enjoyed another great walk. So many cool things you see and get to investigate. Can't wait until your next post!

  5. Hi Tank

    Oh your world has so many places to see and go!
    Such beauty and you even had a sun shiny day!
    I hope your all having a good time.
    We miss you