Monday 24 January 2011

The Fishing Hole!

Mum and Aunty Ashley took me for a very long walk on the weekend down to Parc Penallta!
We went a new way, down to the fishing hole!

I was very interested in the fish that were swimming around and went on to nearly every fishing platform to have a look in to the water!

Mum was scared that I would jump in because the water was very cold!

I love walking to new places with new sights and smells, its always so much fun!
I love the weekends because My Mum spends all day with me and we go for 'walkies' for hours!

The bridge entrance to 'The Fishing Hole'

Me posing for the camera as usual.

The Fishery Sign.

I'm checking out the pond, lots of new sights and smells here!

I think Ernie would like it here, hope to see him soon!

What? No lifeguard on duty??

I went under the gate and got stuck the other side!

Deep Water!

Meeting a new Friend.


Watching the Fishies!

Aunty Ashley on the bridge watching me playing by the water.

Its a long walk home!

The Suicidal Farm dog, sitting on the bridge!

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