Wednesday 22 September 2010

Play Date With Ernie!!

This is my friend Ernie - he is such a character!

Playing ball with Dad.

Hugs for Ernie!

Its Ernies chew toy that we keep over here especially for him! But now I am having a little play with it! Mum says its ok!

Ernie says he wants to stay with Aunty Jem and Uncle Lo more often!

Sniffle time!

Ohhhh Ernie it tickles! Ha,Ha,Ha!

Ernie has the toy now - I will run after it!

I've got it! Ernie come chase me!

Playing chase!

Ernie getting too friendly with Mums pillows!

Group hug!

Walkies - Down the cycle track with Mum and Mamma Leesa.

Ernie enjoying the walk!

Ohh a stick!
I dont like water that much!

Down Panallta Park looking at the fish in the pond!

The Pond.

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