New Adventures are coming my way ...

New Adventures are coming my way ...

Friday, 27 March 2015

Barry Island Beach Fun!

Daddy took Me and Mum to Barry Island for a walk on the promenade and the beach.

It was really quiet there because its "The Off Season" at the moment. 

Look at the new beach huts!

I coudnt wait to get on to the sand!

I was so very excited to feel the sand between my paws.


I love to do Zoomies on the sand.

My Puggy Paws.

Ears and Furs a-flying!

Playing Ball with Dad.

I love the beach.

Me and Mum enjoy some frolicking and fun.

Once we went from the beach we had a Burger King!

Mum gave me some of her Whopper Burger.

What a wonderful day!