Every Day is Another Adventure for a Puggy like me!

Every Day is Another Adventure for a Puggy like me!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Coal Lake Walk.

The weather has been really warm so Mum and Auntie Ashley decided to take me to the lakes by the Coal Seams, the photo above is of me sat by a sign that indicates the name and depth of the coal seam below, Wales is a big coal mining community.

I love this walk because there is so much to see and sniff.

Me and Mum pose for a picture by the Coal Shaft sign.

Finally we reach the lake.

Dipping my Puggy Paws in the water to cool them off.

Enjoying the breeze on my furs.

Look at this fossil rock.

Me and Mum enjoy the sun and light breeze from the lake.

Looking out on to the lake.


I just love to run around.

Dinosaur foot print!

The River.

Mum and Ashley Hug!

Lets go home!

Such a beautiful walk, I'm so very happy that I live in such an amazing place with wonderful adventures.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Wonderful Wednesday ~ Ernie Update!

Ernie is Cone of Shame free, after having the lumpies removed from his tail and being on tail wagging restrictions he is having his having his stitches out tomorrow and the Vet rang yesterday with good news! The lumpies are not nasty at all, there was an infection from a cut or splinter deep in his tail that caused the lumpies, everyone here had a huge sigh of relief and is so happy to hear that he is doing just fine!  Us fur-babies are a worry for our pawrents, make sure that you give your pawrents a big hug and kiss today, we need to fill their hearts with love, I sure do fill my Mommas heart with love and Ernie fills her heart too!

Ernie is going to be staying with me all weekend for his Mum (Sam) and Daddy (Pete) to go to a wedding, I’m so excited to see him, especially as he is all healed and lumpie free!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Why was I all Wet????

I saw Dinosaurs on the boardwalk.

Then I went swimming to cool off my furs, that's why I was wet!

Shake to dry!

Back in the water.

Auntie Ashley watching me swim.

Then I got out and shook my wet furs all over her!

Then back in the water to swim some more! I just love to swim, I'm suddenly a water puggy in the summer!