Autumn is my Favorite Season when I become a Pugkin!

Autumn is my Favorite Season when I become a Pugkin!

Friday, 22 August 2014

My Bionic Ernie came to stay again while the Dads were doing the Tough Mudder!

This is what 6am looks like....blurry! 
I had to get up early because Dad was doing this event for Charity called "Tough Mudder" and for this lazy puggy it was just tough enough getting out of bed!

Mum and Ernie.

Later that day Mum and Auntie Ashley took us both out on a walk down the track.

I love walking with my Bionic Ernie!

The train passed us on our walk.

It is a coal train and is very long.

Auntie Ashley and Ernie watch the train pass.

Ernie by the Penallta sign.

Me and Ernie by the Penallta sign.

Auntie Ashley smiles with me on the bench having a rest.

Mum takes some selfies with us doggies.

Its all water under the bridge for Ernie.

Exploring with Ernie.

There is just so much to explore!

I love running around with Ernie!

Ernie loves the water.

See Ernies legs, they are all muddy from the water! BOL!

Ernie was so sleepy that he ran straight upstairs to bed.

Dad (in the middle) and Pete, Ernie's Dad (on the right) at the end of doing the Tough Mudder.

Thier team (Dad 2nd from the right, Pete first on the left)

Climbing his Everest.

it was hard but a lot of fun.

Dad mid-mudder!

I'm very proud of my Daddy for doing this event for Charity.