Autumn is my Favorite Season when I become a Pugkin!

Autumn is my Favorite Season when I become a Pugkin!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My Hedgehog House!

I found a Hedgehog in my garden.

The Hedgehog was really cute and I wanted to sniff him, I even got up a few times in the night last week and was barking at him as he run around the garden. 

So Mum got me a house for him so he could be safe.

This is his House.

It is really big, almost the size of me, but I cant fit inside.

Guess I will have to just play with my hedgehog toy instead if I cant play with the real thing.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Monday Morning Walk in the Cold.

Today I went for a walk and the weather is cold and damp.

I made sure to check that there was no trains coming and then I set off on an adventure across the tracks.

Safely across and ready to enjoy the cold nip on my nose and the fresh smells!

Walking along the boardwalk there were so many nice smells including a lot of leaves to snuffle around.





To get...

To Mum.

I just love this beautiful walk.

Some leaves even tasted pretty good! BOL!

Sat on the leaves and enjoying all the nature that surrounds me.

More sniffing around.

Enjoying the sound of the babbling brook flowing under the bridge.

Running is one of my favorite things, especially playing chase with my Mum.

On the way home enjoying the leaves under my paws.

Its time to warm up with warm hugs and some nice mashed sweet potato and milk!

What a wonderful Walk.

Friday, 21 November 2014

New Harness ~ Adventures of a Space Puggy.

Mum got me a new Harness because my old one was about to break, this new harness is super soft and she decided to take me on a walk to test it out! 

Walking along the old boardwalk sniffing and snuffling all the way.

Watching Ducks in the stream around me swim along the boardwalk.

This is a real nice and comfortable Harness Mum, its really a keeper!

Mum took the Harness off me and then she ironed on these futuristic space looking chevron stickers.

She explained that these will not only make me look like a super space puggy....

but they will also light up in the dark if lights from a car or something shine on it.

Its to keep me safe on my dark evening walks as this time of year it gets really dark real early!

Testing out the new space harness with the flashy beast!

Oww very bright!

Beam me up Scotty-dog!

I will be safe on the roads for sure!

Mum takes me out for a walk in the dark to test it out so we went over to see Nanna Moyna.


Proudly showing off my new Space Puggy Harness to Nan and Gramps.

Thank you so much for my new Harness Mum, I love it!

Mum and Nan.